About Us

Everyone is different and so are we, Welcome Residential a new way to do real estate

Company Profile

Welcome Residential is Brisbane’s first Not-For-Profit Real Estate delivering professional property services and driving a better future for all.

What we Offer

At Welcome Residential we manage a holistic property service, operating with professionalism, humility and integrity. We strive to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them and ensure that your experience is both profitable and completely satisfying.

Not only do we provide you with a service guarantee, we have a real hunger for innovation and keeping ahead of new technologies and the best systems available in the industry.

Our local team have years of experience in real estate and are qualified to best manage your valued investment. You can be rest assured our staff appreciates the true value of working together well and they represent themselves, your property and our brand with pride.

Whether you are a Seller, Purchaser, Landlord or Tenant, we are dedicated and committed to making “A Wow Experience” for your next real estate venture while allowing you to give back effortlessly to the community.

How we are different?

Welcome Residential will foster investor prosperity while allowing you to give back effortlessly to the community. We do this by:

  1. Ensuring all profits are re-invested into the well-being of newly arrived Queenslanders through education, social inclusion, housing and employment initiatives, building a better future for all; and
  2. A strong focus on increasing the affordable accommodation stock through innovative property solutions.

Whatever your cultural background or language, Welcome Residential have an interpreting service available to you in 160 different languages. If communication is an issue we have got you covered.

Welcome Residential is an initiative of Multicultural Development Australia (MDA).

Profits from Welcome Residential are used to support MDA’s work with newly arrived Queenslanders and towards innovative ways to increase the supply of affordable housing  in Queensland.

MDA is an independent organisation committed to achieving the best settlement outcomes for all new arrivals.

As one of Queensland’s largest multicultural agencies, MDA works with refugees, international students, people seeking asylum and migrants, as well as their local communities.

Visit www.mdaltd.org.au for more information on the services MDA provides for the community.